"attract opposites" bouclé v-neck (lined with velvet)

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This bouclé v-neck in black and white is the perfect statement piece for lovers of edgy monochrome looks. It features an elegant light-weight black and white check pattern with unfinished edges.

This bouclé and silk scarf is fully lined with our black vv logo dévoré velvet and can be worn on both sides.

The statement "attract opposites" is applied in white flock on black silk and invites you to revisit polar thinking ;-)!

Do you turn bitter before turning sweet?
We live in world of opposites. We believe that something is either right or wrong, bitter or sweet, creative or destructive.
Yin and Yang depicts the two polar principles within the universe, which represent black and white, male and female, dark and light, stillness and motion. It symbolizes the perpetual motion and rotation. In the end it signifies that all is in constant change.
There is no day without night, no right without wrong, no creation without destruction, no bitter without sweet.
Let that wheel turn and try not to oppose the attraction of opposites.

size & composition

size and fit triangular shape, the v-neck’s approximate measurements are: length 195 cm, heigth 57 cm
composition wings of scarf 100% black silk;  lining dévoré velvet: 82% viscose, 18% silk; bouclé fabric: 71% cotton, 21% polyurethane, 3% polyamide, 2% wool, 3% acrylic.
cleaning dry clean only
made in Luxembourg
designed in Luxembourg