sister power

Claudie and Stéphanie, the founders of vol(t)age: our mission is to create pieces that amp-up your own personal level of vol(t)age.

About us

vol(t)age is a jeu de mots of the word “voltage” meaning electric and the French word “volage” meaning evolving and changing. 

At vol(t)age all we care about is your level of vol(t)age: your natural ability to let your life electricity flow and to playfully adapt to change and go with the flow. 

Our mission is to create punchy, wittily electric statement pieces that amp-up your own personal level of vol(t)age, because Life is all about electricity and change.

The higher the vol(t)age, the more current will flow!

our iconic v-neck


Nadine's story

We launched vol(t)age, because we wanted to electrify and empower the people who wear the pieces and we are interested to hear how your smart-shirt made you feel in a particular situation. One of our favourite stories comes from Nadine, a respectable music teacher who had a plane to catch in the early evening hours in Copenhague. Unfortunately, Nadine had partied too much the night before and although she would have loved to lie in, she had to check-out of her room by noon. Too tired for any further explorations, Nadine decided to stroll through the Tivoli Gardens, where she was magnetically attracted to a bench that literally invited her for a nap.

As Nadine, considers herself as a well-educated and respectable grown-up woman, her inner voice of reason vehemently tried to convince her that a woman of her upbringing does not sleep on a public bench in a public garden.


But Nadine was wearing her “KANT do that?” smart-shirt and the magic of these words was stronger than her patronizing reason. Nadine followed the call of her own practical reason and categorically lay down on that public bench and had the most restorative nap ever. She took her plane, refreshed with a new sense of power and a renewed belief in her own free will.

We bet you have other interesting stories to share with us. Just tell us and email us at