you are unique and so is your wardrobe

resurrect and customise your closet

We will be delighted to help you mend and pimp-up your favourite wardrobe pieces. Infuse your old shirts with an uplifting message or transform that vintage scarf that holds all these beloved memories into a better, amped up version.You are unique and so is your wardrobe, find out your personality type and amp-it up.

amp-up your old shirts!

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pimp-up your old silk scarves!

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Myers Briggs personality types

Wouldn't it be so much easier to network and connect if we knew each other's personality type?

Well, we printed ours on a v-neck and would be pleased to create your own exclusive personality v-neck in our Atelier.

Are you an intellectual type, a visionary, a protector or a creator?

Find out your personality type