ASTRO v-neck -FIRE signs- (aries, leo, sagittarius)

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This fiery v-neck captures the cosmic energy of the fire signs, Aries (21 March-20 April), Leo (23 July -23 August), and Sagittarius (23 November - 21 December).

Fiery, powerful,passionate red print featuring the three fierce fire signs on the explosive background of a dark Kali figure (the Hindu goddess of destruction and renewal) print. The energetic mix is beautifully rounded off with dark grey, chilly red and black silks and our luxuriously soft signature vv logo dévoré velvet.

Fire is power, inspiration, passion, impatience, light, enthusiasm and creativity. Fire signs burst of energy. They are initiators who love to play with new ideas or concepts. Naturally, they are the trendsetters of the zodiac. Born leaders, others are drawn to these charismatic, natural sparklers. Impatient by nature, they’re always moving forward, passionately chasing their goals—and never looking back. Because of their impulsivity, they rarely reflect on the past. Instead, they’re always racing towards the future and exhibit a rare can-do attitude which is highly inspirational and contagious.

size & composition

size and fit triangular shape (folded square), the v-neck’s approximate measurements are: 140 cm X 140 cm X 200 cm (base).
composition 90% silk, 10% viscose
cleaning Dry clean only
made in Luxembourg
designed in Luxembourg