Dress your Self by vol(t)age

Dress your Self by vol(t)age


vol(t)age is a jeu de mots of the word “voltage” meaning electric and the word “volage” meaning evolving and changing.

vol(t)age is all about electricity and change.

Our mission is to create statement pieces that help you mix-and-match, to play, to have fun but also to inspire you to self-reflect and to evolve into a more electric version of your Self.
Here’s how we think your clothes can help you live your best Life and channel your most vol(t)age Self:

It all boils down to one single question that you have to ask your Self every morning or every time you get dressed: how do I feel today?  

Start with one piece of your wardrobe.
You often have it in a flash. The piece that first comes to your mind. Stick with it. This one piece can be anything: a smart-shirt, a v-neck, a pair of shoes, a dress, a pair of pants or any accessory…
By applying this method, you have that anchor piece that leads the way away rom that “I don’t know what to wear today” feeling.
 You just need to get the look started and feel it from there.
Listen to your (fashion) gut.
Build a look around this first piece. The first piece often gives more than a hint asto how you feel on that day. If you choose an empowering smart-shirt, a funky v-neck or a statement skirt, you know already where the feeling takes you.
Just trust the process. It will work. Feel the rest of the look come into place.
It works better some days than others, but you will get better over time. And, even if it doesn’t feel perfect, do not give in to changing back into your “tried and trusted” looks.  Keep it on and see how you feel with it during the day and how your surroundings react to it.
 Amp it up, but don’t overdo it.
 You want to amp up your current feeling? When you feel good, don’t hesitate to shout it out loud to the world with a fashion statement.
When you feel bad, try to level-up a notch. But don’t overdo it; if you feel depressed, the neon jacket, the sexy leather mini, or the sparkling sequins jacket won’t fool your Self nor the rest of the world.  Similarly, the power dress will be “spot-on” on a confident day, but make you look fake if you’re not up for it that day. Also, try to only resort to “revenge dressing” on revenge days…
Let your SELF shine through.
Don’t be afraid to dress differently. We are all unique and you should not be afraid of being our Selves.
Ask your Self : “Who am I today? How do I feel?”
It’s the feeling that counts and not the image you want to convey. With “image-dressing”, we move closely to uniform territory. Uniforms invite you to hide your true Self.
 Work on your fashion confidence.
 Do you often choose the “easy” fashion option to avoid thinking about how to combine a piece more easily such as the beige or the black and white version?
 Why not step out of that comfort zone and try a shiny, glam v-neck such as our iconic “Shine bright” , “Galactic Princess” or our smart bouclé v-neck "La vie en rose"?  
Hold your head high! Worn with confidence, no look is “off”. If you are overdressed, the worst that can happen is that you are the best dressed woman in the room (quote from Rachel Zoe).
Mix and match for personal style.
Practising mixing and matching is like fashion core training: it strengthens the central part of your fashion confidence. Mixing and matching your wardrobe pieces trains your fashion muscles to work in harmony. This leads to a better balance and steadiness, also called personal style.
At vol(t)age, we love to mix and match and that’s exactly why we mostly create smart-shirts and scarves.  Our punchy smart-shirts in various colors with so many different inspiring statements as well as our very diverse range of intricate v-necks and stolà-là scarves are the perfect examples of “accessoires-à-porter” that inspire you to effortlessly combine these statement pieces with your existing wardrobe. You want to enhance that feeling of stylish abundance? Adorn that black coat with one of our lavish silk and velvet v-necks for some serious power style make-over.
 You want to amp up that chic but laid back feeling? Wear a smart-shirt with your favourite pair of dressy pants or your evening skirt for instant glam but laid-back party vibes.

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