punk venus sik v-neck

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The mythical Venus of Urbino seen through the eyes of the Venetian Renaissance artist Titian was painted to celebrate marital love and the physical intimacy between man and wife. The sleeping dog next to her is a common symbol of fidelity.

We have represented the Venus on a punky bed of bordeaux, dark auburn and black tartan adorned with a lacey flower print. The eclectic punk venus print is framed by old rose, bordeaux, auburn brown silks and our black signature vv logo dévoré velvet.

She’s a punk venus, a rebel in love. She is authentic, with a thirst for real connection, not influenced by conventional or political considerations or judgements. She knows that the path of love is not soft and sweet, that romance is not all fairies and unicorns. She rather playfully unveils romance in the daily vagaries of Life and gets truly turned-on by humanness.


For the rebel in love.

size & composition

size and fit triangular shape (folded square), the v-neck's approximate measurements are: 140 cm X 140 cm X 200 cm (base).
composition 90% silk, 10% viscose
cleaning Dry clean only
made in Luxembourg
designed in Luxembourg