Cultive ton jardin! slogan v-neck (small size)

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Bright pink silk combined with a dark romantic sumptuous inner garden, butterfly print in mysterious grey, old rose, burgundy and turquoise hues. The slogan "Cultive ton jardin!" is applied in black flock letters on the pink silk. 

"Il faut cultiver notre jardin" "We must tend to our (own) garden",  says Candide in the final Chapter of the satirical tale "Candide" (1759). As Candide and his companions find pleasure and meaning in raising vegetables in their own garden,  we should endeavour to take care of our own needs and finding our own mission before trying to take care of others. Tending our own garden means minding our own business in a productive way. Our garden represents our inner (secret )garden, our occupation, our education and cultural awareness. Voltaire as a philosopher of the Enlightenment defends the idea that every human being is responsible for his/her own happiness. Every human being should endeavour to cultivate his/her own garden and tend to its needs for his/her own interest and in the interest of the common good.

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size & composition
size and fit triangular shape, the v-neck’s approximate measurements are: 1 m X 1m X 1,50 m (base).
composition 100% silk
cleaning Dry clean only
made in Luxembourg
designed in Luxembourg